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Lucca Veterinary Data Security Enhances IT Infrastructure and Security at Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital

By December 6, 2023February 16th, 2024No Comments


Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital, a respected veterinary clinic, faced significant challenges with their IT infrastructure and security. Despite years of working with a local IT company, they struggled with ambiguity around the health of their IT products and overall security.


  1. Ambiguous IT Infrastructure: The hospital had long-standing issues with understanding and optimizing their IT setup.
  2. Unsatisfactory IT Service: Their previous IT provider failed to fully address their needs, leading to ongoing dissatisfaction.
  3. Network Security Concerns: There was a lack of confidence in the security of their network, raising concerns about data safety.

The Search for a Solution:

While Pleasant Plains was not actively comparing solutions from other vendors, they had heard about Lucca Veterinary Data Security multiple times over the years. Lucca came highly recommended, especially from clinics within their Veterinary Management Group (VMG) that did not actively use Lucca’s products.

Why Lucca?

Pleasant Plains ultimately chose Lucca Veterinary Data Security for several key reasons:

Exceptional Communication

The team, particularly Clint and Logan, were highly accessible and responsive.


Lucca’s extensive knowledge and quick response time were especially convincing.

Strong Reputation

The strong recommendations from other clinics played a significant role in their decision.

Results and Benefits:

Since partnering with Lucca Veterinary Data Security, Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital has experienced significant improvements:

Enhanced Network Security

There’s now a heightened confidence in the security of their network.

Identified Weaknesses

They are able to effectively pinpoint weaknesses in both hardware and software, allowing for targeted improvements.

Overall Satisfaction

The hospital reports a high level of satisfaction with the services provided by Lucca.


Lucca Veterinary Data Security has provided Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital with the tools and support needed to overcome their IT infrastructure and security challenges. The partnership has led to a more secure, efficient, and confident operation at the hospital, demonstrating Lucca’s expertise and commitment to excellence in veterinary data security.

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