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We help veterinarians realize the value of their data & help them protect it!

On average 2.5 hospitals fall victim to cybercrime every week. With the average Veterinary Cyber Security PLIT claims averaging $135,000.00 in 2020. Yet most veterinary practices don’t take basic precautions to protect their business.

Why Choose Lucca

Why Clients Love Us

"From the first conversation, through implementation and monitoring, Lucca Vet has been the epitome of professionalism. Utilizing the Lucca Vet Data Security suite of services has allowed us, as a small family owned vet hospital, to operate in similar fashion to larger competitors and allow peace of mind that our data, business and family are in safe hands. I would recommend them to anyone looking for data security, world class expertise, or simply peace of mind for their hospital."

Michael, PM - Brookside Veterinary Hospital

"Lucca made moving our IT services practically seamless. They are fast, attentive, lovely to deal with, and overall just a great company. I am so glad we made the switch and am very pleased with their services. They are truly a cut above the rest."

Dr. Amanda Della Penna - Family Vet Care Center

"Lucca Vet has been fantastic for our IT needs at our veterinary hospital. As you can imagine, in a veterinary hospital, if something IT related breaks it needs to be fixed five minutes ago. Lucca Vet has 100% been there for us EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. we have had any issue and had it resolved shortly. They also work with our hospital’s schedule for updates and maintenance, even working late night or over a weekend so we don’t have any downtime during business hours, and are available pretty much 24/7 any time we have ever needed them."

Tianna, PM

"Lucca Vet is AWESOME! We have been working with Clint and Logan on our IT set up for our new start up veterinary practice and we couldn't be happier. We were very overwhelmed initially after consulting with a few other IT companies. However, after speaking to the Lucca Vet team, we immediately felt at ease. Clint and Logan are thorough, informative and communicative. They have been fantastic introducing us to new vendors and coordinating with our current vendors. I would highly recommend Lucca Vet to any practice needing support for their IT/data security needs."

Killian Lenahen, VMD

"I am very confident in having Lucca vet take care of our IT needs. My experiences have only been positive and I would highly recommend them."

They are competent, responsive, and great people to work with.

Kelli Space DVM

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Focusing on Your Practice

Data is More Valuable than Oil

Including the data in your veterinary hospital! With new data regulations, GDPR, CCPA, and Ransomware Payment Sanctions can make you liable if you get hacked.

“War is 90 percent information” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

The mindset that our “IT guy has us covered” has got to change. Far too many hospitals call us post-disaster stating “we thought we had everything backed up!”. Testing your backups in a disaster is the wrong time to test your plan.

When was the last time you tested your backups? What happens if your social media accounts are hacked? What do you do when your email accounts are compromised?

You’re the Target Because You Are Small

So many veterinary hospitals don’t think they will be a target because they are small. However a majority of global cyber attacks hit small business. This is because anything under $500,000.00 the F.B.I. won’t investigate. Thus by attacking small businesses cyber criminals can fly under the radar.

Cyber Security Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

A good cyber security plan doesn’t have to be expensive. It requires knowing your weaknesses and having a solid plan in place when a cyber attack occurs.

You’ve worked years to build your clientele. Don’t let someone come in & take it!

Including the data in your veterinary hospital! With new data regulations, GDPR, CCPA, and Ransomware Payment Sanctions can make you liable if you get hacked.

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