IT Services

Paying a lot each month for IT services and still having slow response times? Seems like no one knows who you are, and each week you feel like you’re talking to someone new?

We can help! There’s no need to pay astronomical IT service fees. When you can make sure your cyber security plan is in place. With a personalized tech team to back you up when you need help. Schedule a FREE call with us today to see how Lucca Veterinary Data Security can help you reduce your overall IT costs and keep your printers working too!

Some of our IT services include:

  • Cloud & Local Practice Management issues
  • Computer replacements
  • Network hardware
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Email
  • Social Media security and recovery
  • Dental X-ray
  • X-ray
  • File Sharing
  • Team chats (ie slack or MS Teams)
  • Server replacements
  • WiFi
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