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How IT and Cybersecurity became part of Central Veterinary Services’ transition to Lean Management

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Central Veterinary Services in Oak Bluff, Manitoba, is an experienced team with advanced training and special interests in helping animals of all sizes. With nearly 50 passionate team members, they provide care for their clients’ four-legged family members. Aligning with their cultural shift to lean management, Central Veterinary Services partnered with Lucca to reduce monthly recurring costs, enhance staff technology experience, and upgrade tech support.

The Story of Central Veterinary Services:

Central Veterinary Services aims to improve the lives of their patients, clients, team members, and communities they serve. They create safe, supportive, accessible, and inclusive environments for people and animals to thrive. Offering numerous services, including health and wellness, puppy and kitten care, and on-site services for large animals, they envision a paradigm shift in veterinary medicine and workplace systems to promote wellness for all.

Challenge Faced by Central Veterinary Services:

In transitioning to lean management, Central Veterinary Services evaluated their service agreements, seeking to eliminate waste and enhance business value. They aimed to reduce direct IT costs, optimize support processes for a busy clinic, and diminish time spent on IT issues, all while supporting nearly 50 employees in a constantly moving environment.

Why Lucca was Chosen:

During the evaluation process, Lucca proved aligned with Central Veterinary Services’ lean goals. The established trust with Lucca’s management team, combined with a cost-effective support model and onboarding process tailored to optimize IT functions, made them the preferred choice.

Lucca’s Response:

Lucca worked closely with Central Veterinary Services to identify issues, prioritize projects, and automate network and technology evaluations. Collaborating on issue resolution and project work, they empowered the clinic to complete projects and enhance security.

Results Achieved:

Central Veterinary Services almost halved their IT expenses and improved their support experience. They resolved existing issues, streamlined processes, and now meet quarterly with Lucca to plan aligned projects.

For more information about partnering with Lucca, visit our webpage at Lucca Veterinary Data Security or call us at 720.316.8344 ext 2.

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